Creative Director / Co-Founder ANTIDRAMA,
director of feature films and advertising.

Its peculiarity is to create original visual and conceptual solutions, opening up new opportunities and implications for the brand.

Ivan was born in 1988 into a family of artists. Has several higher educations, including economic – “Institute of Asian and African countries” Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. He graduated from the documentary department of VGIK and the game department of the “Moscow School of New Cinema” – workshop of Philippe Granriye / Dmitry Mamulia.

He has over 11 years of experience in creating commercials in Russia and the CIS countries, as a director, and sometimes as a creative director and screenwriter. Develops creative concepts for advertising campaigns for brands.

since 2014 he has been engaged in author projects, annually releasing a short or documentary film, among which were: a full-length autobiographical film about Father Fedor, a set of films within the framework of the Almanac of Cinema Poetry, several short films, as well as the film Open Mouth, which became MIFF 2020 nominee.

In 2021, he directed the Hook series presented on the MEGOGO platform. He also completed the shooting of the documentary film “Anonymous” and is actively preparing to launch new large-scale projects.