His Dark Materials

Client: Amediateka Home of HBO

Agency/Production: ANTIDRAMA и Perform Buro

This private event, commissioned by AMEDIATEKA, was dedicated to the presentation of a new season of His Dark Materials, based on the eponymous Philip Pullman novel.

Alongside our colleagues from Perform Buro, we turned the space of the Revenant mansion into a literary mystery based on Philip Pullman’s books. We also filmed our own art video alongside photographer Bulat Arslanov.

The film and performance were a visual statement on the animal that lives within every person.

This animal tries to take the throne, capture consciousness and govern instincts, thoughts desires, anger and lust.

We used performed actions and elements of immersive theatre to plunge our guests into Pullman’s universe. The audience walked among the actors as the latter sang and danced, or turned into wild animals, or sometimes even began philosophical and existential conversations.

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